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The Ultimate Freelancer Guide

The Freelance Guide – How to make Money Freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer … ect Congratulations! If you reading this you are one step closer to making $$$ online by offering any type of services as a Freelancer. And don’t let the word “Freelancer” discourage you from scaling your business and perhaps turning this...
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A Quick Way to Speed Up Your Website

Today I want to share a tool I’ve just started using to decrease the time it takes for my page to load. Incidentally, it’s worth noting that this factor is becoming ever more important in the world of online marketing. Google has recently said that page load time is becoming a major factor in how...
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How To Live Longer: Adventures In Stand Up Desking

Occasionally, I like to change it up on this blog and talk about something that will help you that isn’t necessarily marketing-related. Of all the non-marketing posts I’ve written, this is probably the most important for your health. I remember a few years ago speaking to my friend Ben, an excellent marketer with a successful...
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The Fastest Way to Promote Your Local Business Online

When it comes to promoting your local business online, it’s easy to get either overwhelmed by all the options, or simply lost with where to start. Well fear not… I was speaking to a friend of mine last week (yes, even online geeks like me both have friends and sometimes talk to them). She’s setting...
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How to Promote a Local Business Online

Here are some ideas/strategies to promote your local or offline business: Sign in to your Google account and go here: https://www.google.com/business/ and create a Google Places profile. This will appear in the Maps section when people search for the words associated with your business. In the example, that could be ‘Plumber Manchester’ or ‘Pilates Class...
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How To Promote Your Website – 3 Free Techniques That Really Work

When it comes to how to promote your website or blog, a lot of the information can be pretty overwhelming. This post will give you three ways (plus a couple of bonuses) that, if you apply them, will drive more traffic to your blog posts and making the job of promoting your blog a lot easier....
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