Kicksta Reviews|9 months Spent Using Kicksta Premium package! My REAL Review…

I have been using Kickst for 9 months with Kicksta’s $99 Premium plan this will be my honest review of there Premium service, I will be guiding you through a complete review of Kicksta so that you can decide if Kicksta will be right for your account growth.


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2. If you prefer to watch a video rather than read the review please watch my video below which is a good summary of what contained in this blog post

My detailed Kicksta review + Trust Pilot users Kicksta reviews

Ok so with those initial point being covered let’s dive into the review and discover the Pros and Cons of Kicksta and if it does live up to its Instagram growth claims.

What Exactly Is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an online Instagram growth software that thousands of users trust and use monthly. This Instagram Growth service allows you to interact with active users in your niche. Kicksta uses targeted search tools to find users similar to you and then engages with their profiles in the hope of them following you back and growing your account

Kicksta claims that their Instagram marketing services are unique in comparison to similar tools. But, this tool uses a similar strategy as the other automation tools that are out there.

With that being said, Kicksta likes to shout about about its four -step process for rapid Instagram growth.

1. The first step is to define your audience and niche Kicksta uses this information to determine which accounts are best to interact with on autopilot.

2. The second step in Kicksta’s process is getting the attention of your selected target profiles. Kicksta does this by liking 1–2 photos from accounts that were selected in step one as a good match of your profiles interests and niche.

3. Step three the targeted profiles will receive a notification that you liked their photos and visit your page.

4. Step four – if they like your content and profile they’ll follow you.

All Kicksta needs to start growing your account is a list of target accounts that have a a few thousand followers that fit your niche

FOR EXAMPLE: Let’s just assume that you’re a football page (Like my Instagram) that’s looking for more followers interested in football. The fact that you’re a football page means that you would be looking for followers that are interested in football, you should give Kicksta the names of popular football related Instagram accounts ie football new, football memes, football team accounts ect.

Once you’ve given Kicksta your target accounts list, it will then wait for the target account to post

Once they have posted, Kicksta will then like the posts of all the profiles that liked that large target accounts posts, this works much better than follow and unfollow which ahs been spaqmmed to death over the years, everyone is wise to that spammy tactic .

The way this works is that it draws the attention of the follower to the fact that someone just liked their pictures and as usual, they will check out to see who it was that has liked there photos, This inturn gets people veiwing YOUR profile and feed and if they like what they see. THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU!

Kicksta premium plan reaches out to about 1000 targeted accounts every day.

Ok so now you know who the process works let’s get into the real meat of the review my own results!

My 9 months & $891 spent with Kicksta so far! (The Results)

I first heard of Kicksta while browsing a view videos on Youtube and decided to give it ago

I was keen to get started quickly but i decided to first checkout some online blogs expreiences and the Trust pilot reviews.

And I quiet a few results that looked promising so I decided that I would try the premium plan for a few months and see what results it got on my football account.

I paid for their $99 premium plan, then following the steps above entered some related niche football account in as targets.

This is the accounts at the start of the first month

You can see in the image, I had virtually no followers just a 192 at the start of the first month. Using Kicksta and after 9 months of having Kicksta’s premium plan running on my account, I have grown to over 16000 followers and am sure this could have been better if I had posted more frequently!

As you can see that’s around 2000 followers every month

So I can confidently recommend Kicksta to anyone who wants to grow their account fast and safely on autopilot. As long as you keep posting the content Kicksta will do the rest!

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Kicksta Pros & Cons

Here are the Pros in my opinion


1. 14-day money-back guarantee: The first thing that is the best PRO in my mind is mention is the fact that they actually offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee. So you can try Kickst out for FREE for 2 weeks and see if it works for you.

2. Web- based software: The second thing that I would also love to mention as a pro that I found while using Kicksta is the fact that you actually do not and will not need to install any software into your phone or laptop to start using Kicksta. It is a web-based software that works on autopilot 24/7.

3. Flexible Plan Cancellation: The third thing that I would love to mention as a pro that comes with Kicksta is the fact that you can cancel your plan with them at any time you wish.


1.The first slight Con is with Kicksta is one of the most expensive Instagram growth services available online at the moment with their cheapest plan starting at $49 but as with anything you get what you pay for, cheaper services i have tried have not got the results Kicksta has.

2. The second con is that they do not accept payments via PayPal. This leaves you with the option of cards only, which is not a problem unless you onlu use Paypal.

3. Kicksta doesn’t come with a free trial but on the other hand, it does have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can use Kicksta for free for 14 days although you have to pay upfront and then refund if you don’t like the results

4. Not really a con as such but you do have to enter your login details which can make people uncomfortable but there is no other way to have your account connected to the software, this is the same for any Instagram growth service or software.

Kicksta is 100% safe they have had my login details for 9 months now and I have not had zero issues regarding my Instagram account getting blocks or phone verifications.

let’s now take a quick look at Kicksta’s features, dashboard and their pricing plans.

Kicksta’s Features & Dashboard

1. The Niche Profile Targeting Feature:

This feature helps you target and get the right followers that are interested in your contact and will interact with your posts.T his feature works by you entering the Instagram usernames of Instagram accounts that have the same kind of followers you want. ( see my football example above) so Kicksta will then interact with those followers from your account.

2. Online Cloud Feature:

Because Kicksta is an online web software service it possible for Kicksta to work 24/7 without having you install any app on your phone or software on a PC or Laptop that you would have to keep running around the clock.

3. The Analytics Dashboard Feature:

The analytics dashboard feature is one that impresswed me as its really easy to keep track of my account growth with just a quick look. This is something that is missing in other Instagram growth software. I also like that Kicksta sends out email updates every month so that you constantly are kept uptodate with your follower growth.

4. Secure Connection & Security Features:

This bank-level security feature is something that Kicksta prides its self on Kicksta assures you that all your login details are 100% safe.

I know that while people want to start using these kinds of Instagram account growth services, one of the things that they first think of is the security part of it because companies like Kicksta and the likes of it actually need you to give them your passwords so that they can get in and work.

“” also have a domain name with an “https” prefix to its domain name a google necessity to keep your information safe.

5. Account Manager

Kicksta provides you with a dedicated account manager when you start on the premium plan to help you with your Instagram growth and with any questions you might have.

But if you would actually like to learn about Kicksta’s pricing options, just continue reading because I will be covering that next.

Kicksta’s Pricing Plans

Kicksta currently has two follower growth plans available.

The Creative plan includes:

• Moderate growth (Up to 1100 photo likes on auto daily)
• Smart Filters (to eliminate fake, bot, and inappropriate accounts)
• Video onboarding
• 10 target accounts

The Professional plan includes Smart Filters plus video onboarding:

• Maximum growth (Up to 1600 photo likes on auto daily)
• 40 targets
• Email and Live Chat support
• Gender targeting
• Hashtag targeting
• Location targeting
• Blacklisting (to prevent them from interacting with certain accounts and hashtags)

About Kickstagram’s pricing plans, they actually have two packages that we can choose from standard and Premiu. I’ll break down what you get to get in each of the plans below.

The first pricing plan is the standard plan which costs $49 and the second one is their premium plan which costs $99 which I used on my football account

The feature mentioned above differentiate between the $99 premium plan and their $49 standard plan. The screenshot of their pricing page below should help you get a clearer picture of the differences between the two plans.

Kickstagrams pricing page

Now that we have had a look at Kicksta’s various pricing plans and what you get in each of them, let’s now look through what some real users have to say about Kicksta.

What Other Users Say About Kicksta

I have pulled a couple of the reviews on Kicksta website as well as some Trust Pilot reviews to give a more balanced view as I am always a bit spectical of reviews on the actual website, where as Trust Pilot reviews are far more trustworthy.

The first review

What the 3rd kicksta customer said

What client 4 said

customer 4's review

Customer 5's feedback on kicksta

the last customer's feedback on kickstagram

Does Kicksta violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines?

This is where things get a bit unclear in my opinion, I was concerned about my profile getting a message about suspicious activity. Facebook and particularly Instagram have been cracking down on third-party services that automate in-app activity especially for fake followers, but fortunatley during my 9 months use I have never had even a phone verification.

Kicksta works in a totally natural way imitating normal user behaviour.

The liking of other photos is automated but Kicksta says they do so in a way that “resembles human activity” and in an amount that is within normal users amounts according to Instagram guidelines.

And while you’re using an automated growth tool to gain new followers it’s doing it in a natural way in Instagrams eyes, you’re not buying fake followers or likes or spamming peoples DMs. The profiles you target may (or may not) choose to follow you after you have liked their photos.

FINALLY: Do I recommend Kicksta?

I think from reading my Kicksta Review and scanning the Trust Pilot Kicksta reviews images above it’s clear that I as well as lots of other users people Kicksta for Instagram growth.

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How does Kicksta work

Kicksta works by liking posts of targeted profiles that have interacted with a target account that is similar or the same niche as your profile. This means it only interacts with people interested in your content and the most likely to follow you.

How long does it take for Kicksta to work?

Kicksta starts working from the first day you start using the service it works 24/7 around the clock, you will start gaining followers within a couple of days

Should I use Kicksta?

If you want a safe, non-spammy way to grow any Instagram profile on autopilot then Kicksta is an ideal choice to grow your account

Will Kicksta get you banned?

Because Kicksta works in a totally natural way natural human behaviour it’s a safe way to grow your Instagram account. Kicksta has thousands of monthly users growing their accounts

What are the features of Kicksta?

Kicksta has multiple features to help you grow your Instagram account, read the detailed review above to find out more

What is Kicksta in Instagram?

kicksta is a web based Instagram growth tool to help you grow your Instagram following