Brand Marketing: 5 Things to Make Your Company Stand Out Brand-marketing

Growing a small business from a vague idea to a thriving enterprise, demands that you utilize brand marketing to your every advantage. If you are relatively new to the world of brand marketing, you may wonder what this action calls for and what you must do to make sure your business takes off in the manner you desire.

As you contemplate how to market your brand, you are encouraged to think outside of your comfort zone and be ready to take chances that could ultimately lead to your success. These strategies for brand marketing can help you grow a thriving and long-lasting business.

1) Advertise through Non-Traditional and Traditional Means. If your budget is not quite ready to handle the expense of radio and television ads, you can still market your brand by using direct mail services, email referral programs, social networking sites, and other non-traditional methods to advertise your business. According to a recent poll by AT&T1, 66 percent of small businesses intended to spend more on digital marketing in 2013. As you grow your brand and your company becomes sounder, you can then expand to buying radio and TV air time.

2) Use Your Own Domain Name Email. This step confuses a lot of entrepreneurs. They wonder why they cannot just use mainstream email hosts when they send and receive company emails.

If you want to make a big impression and help others take notice of your brand, using domain with your brand’s name attached can accomplish just that. When people see your company’s name used as a domain name, they will recognize that you are a presence to be reckoned with and a fixture that will be unlikely to fade away.

3) Focus On You and Your Company. Many entrepreneurs sometimes enter into barter agreements with one another that include exchanging referrals and services in order to ensure mutual success. This arrangement can at first seem like it is all well and good; however, if you are just starting your company, you may not be in a place to abide by such an arrangement yet.

However, 65 percent of NYSE listed corporations practice some form of bartering, according to Barter News Weekly2. If you want to succeed, you must focus on the good of your company and your own financial interests. When you reach a point where your business is financially sound, then you can consider if such an arrangement would ultimately benefit you.

4) Make a Good First Impression. When you launch your brand new business, it is vital that you make a good impression with the public. Making a good impression can require that you go above and beyond the normal call of duty that is expected of established businesses. You should offer your clients top-notch customer service with exciting bargains, innovative products or services.

In addition, enticing advertisements will make them want to come back to your company again and again. Making a strong impression straight out of the proverbial entrepreneurial gate can help you take the first and perhaps most important step of marketing and brand management, which is making your brand known immediately as a company that can serve anyone and everyone.

5) Be Consistent. You can grow a successful business with brand marketing by being consistent. So many businesses today flounder because they fluctuate in their commitment to advertising and growing their companies. They may send out mailers, buy air time on TV and radio stations. Unfortunately, nearly 50 percent of small businesses are inconsistent with maintaining digital listing, such as websites and social media, according to a Single Platform Survey3.

In addition, they may push to advertise their brands, only to fade away into such obscurity that the public may even question whether or not these companies are still in business. You must be consistent with your marketing so that you are in constant contact with the public and your clientele.

Using brand marketing to your advantage is the key if you want your business to thrive and grow. These tips can help you understand and utilize brand marketing to ensure your company’s longevity and success.