How to Promote a Local Business Online

Here are some ideas/strategies to promote your local or offline business:

Sign in to your Google account and go here:

and create a Google Places profile. This will appear in the Maps section when people search for the words associated with your business. In the example, that could be ‘Plumber Manchester’ or ‘Pilates Class London’. Make sure that the title of your business or business name on Google+ contains words like ‘Pilates Class London’.

Once you’ve set up your account with Google Places and followed through the whole set up process, go to and get a free account. Then, go to the search box and type in ‘manual social bookmark’. Sort the results by ‘Rating’ and then hire someone for $5 (£3.20) to bookmark your Google Places profile on the social bookmarking sites. This will spread the word and help get the profile on page one of Google. It’s a LOT quicker than getting your website on page one.

Also on your Google page, get your friends (or better still your customers) to leave comments and reviews of your business and tell the world how great you are. This will really help. Get as many reviews as possible so you look like the only place to get the best [insert what you provide here].
If you have a website, make sure you create pages for each thing you provide in each area. Watch this video to find out how to get the words that each page should be based on. The keywords you find should be related to your business and the area.

In the offline world, look for places where your target audience hangs out. Who are you targeting? How old are they? Do they have children? What else are they into? Then flyer the hell out of them. You need to be targeted with your flyers if that strategy is going to work.
Find classified sites where you can list your classes. Include a link back to your site if allowed and a contact e-mail address. Sites like and Craigslist are a good starting point.

Consider setting up a fan page on Facebook and promoting it using ads. Give tips every couple of days or even do weekly videos showing people certain moves that will help them lose weight. Also consider promoting your fan page with Facebook ads. If you run the ads to a fan page instead of to a site it’s a lot cheaper.

Pay attention to what your competitors in the area are doing then find ways to do it better than them. That could be better marketing, better classes, better deals, just be better and then sell the fact that you’re better without literally stating ‘I’m better than so and so’.

Above all, remember this: No one cares about you or your business unless you can show them how they can benefit from it. It’s January so everyone is feeling like they want to save money and lose weight. Which one of those can your business provide? January sale anyone?

As always, make sure that you leave a comment or ask any questions you might have below in the comments section.