The Ultimate Freelancer Guide

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The Freelance Guide - How to make Money Freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer ... ect

Congratulations! If you reading this you are one step closer to making $$$ online by offering any type of services as a Freelancer.

And don’t let the word “Freelancer” discourage you from scaling your business and perhaps turning this into your own type of agency.


I personally like getting right into it and pass all the mumbo-jumbo people usually insert in their Ebooks just to make them a little bit longer.

So without further ado, let's GET BUSY!

While this guide will work for any platform out there.

We will be using Fiverr to explain the process since from my own experience, this is the most efficient and easiest one of them all to get started and attract clients.

Step 1: What you are going to want to do first is go to and create your account.


*Pick a name for yourself that is easy to pronounciate in English and as original as you can think of.

For the purpose of this ebook, I decided on creating a brand new account and implementing the same tactics that will be demonstrated here.


You want to fill out your profile as professional
and clean as you can. Look at the other top Fiverr sellers to have a better idea.

Add the languages and a well written short description about yourself and/or service.
Make sure your Profile
The picture is easily recognizable and different from the rest.

Make sure to add all the skills that are related to the services you will be providing.

As a Bonus, you can add a Prestigious School and any type of Certifications.


Step 2: Once you have completed setting up your account, the next step is creating your very first gig.

Now here is where many people encounter problems.

One of them is that perhaps you don’t even have a skill-set that you are able to sell as a service.

There are two ways you can solve this issue, you can either work and train yourself in the area you are interested in or resell services from elsewhere as if it were your own.

What possibly could you resell you may ask?

Here are a couple of examples on what type of services are in demand right now and you can profit off them.

Article Writing Services

SEO Adjustments

Graphic Design

Shopify / E-commerce Store Creation

Social Media Management

IG Growth Services

Step 3: Now its time to create your gig.

Take note that I have priced my gig at $5 but this is not the real price, but only to motivate more people into messaging me. You can change your prices afterwards.

If you are not sure on how to write the description of your gig, search for similar gigs that provide your service to have a good idea on how to format it correctly.

Take mine as an example


Another important factor is the gig images, which you should focus and take your time on. Since this is the face of your gig and the first impression your potential clients will get.

Try using a good combo of colours and not over saturate the image with too much text. As well as including samples or anything that will make your gig clearer for your prospects.



Now that you have set up your gig, you are wondering, how am I going to get people to even look at my gig?

I will be showing you several methods on how to funnel traffic to your gig without spending a dime.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these numbers!


Let's dive right into it!

The first method we will go over is using FB Groups

What you are going to do is join various groups related to the type of service you are offering.

For example, you would join the following groups if you were to provide any of these services.

Instagram Growth Services


Shopify Store Creation


Article Writing Services


The next step is the most important part of this
method, so LISTEN UP.

You will be commenting on other people’s post with your own personal Facebook or any other account you might have.

(Make sure this account looks 100% legit to increase the conversion rate)


The idea behind this is that other people will see the comment and click on your link to see if it might be helpful to them.

Even the same person that is posting the original question might contact you regarding your experience with the seller (which is you).

Here are a couple more examples of how to do this:


The way Fiverr works is that the more people clicking, seeing and messaging you about your gig, the higher you will appear in the rankings for your service.

This will create a snowball effect and will surely put you on the first pages, if not the first page of the service you are offering.

This next method is pretty straightforward, you will be joining Favorite Fiverr Exchange Groups


Why are you joining such a group?

By exchanging favorites with other Fiverr Sellers, you will be increasing the favorite count on your gig. And yes, you guessed right.

This will also help in boosting our gig up in the rankings so more people can see it and order from you.

What you are going to do is post on these groups in the following way


For this next method, all you will be needing is a pre-made email offering your services in a nice and not intrusive way.

How will you obtain the emails from your potential leads you ask?

Simple, when inside the FB Groups you had joined before, look for people commenting their website asking for help or showcasing them.


After clicking on their website, look for the contact, privacy or any other page you think the email might be at.

Now that you have their email, you should have your email template ready and send each one individually to all your potential clients.

Here is an example of an email I sent out to clients before


The Case Study Method

Let your potential clients know what they can expect and the results that you can bring them.

One of the best ways to get your work out there is providing a case study or example directly to your prospects.

Doing this will allow you to showcase your skills in a more efficient manner and increase the possibilities of you landing a gig.

Some Examples

If you are in the Graphic Design business,

having a website with your own portfolio and the type of graphics you can create would be a must.


If you were to be in the Shopify Development business, it would make sense to have several example stores so your clients can know what to expect.


If you are a great Copywriter, then guess what?

Besides from having a portfolio with various type of articles in various niches, a Blog would benefit you the most since it will be jam-packed with high quality content made by you for you.

And so on…. You get the point


Social Proof Method

Building your reputation online is probably one of my favourite methods for steady growth and acts as a support for future clients to come.

Start off by asking your clients for testimonials and if you have yet to close any deals, provide reputable prospects with “free” work in exchange for an honest review.

They will most likely accept and you can be sure that if you do a great job they will come back and even recommend your services to others.

Don’t forget about your social media!


Know where your target audience is and start building your social presence there.

Instagram can do wonders for various types of services, but remember that giving value upfront is not a waste of time, but rather the opposite.

It will bring in a higher ROI in the long-run and will help you construct a solid foundation within your freelancer career.

Major Keys for a Successful Freelancing Career

  1. Utilize an Agreement for Every Project

It is always best to be clear what you will be offering and how much time you will need to complete the project.


2. Make Sure to Get a Down-Payment

Now depending on the circumstances of where you are offering your services, this can be negotiated accordingly. If done on a freelancer website, then you won't have to worry about that.

im 267

3. Sometimes it is Best to say “NO”

Potential clients will most likely ask for other type of services that you are not experienced in.

Now depending on what that might be, you can take the gig or pass. Make sure to think it over, you do not want unsatisfied customers.

im 28

4. Keep your Clients in the Loop

From my own experience, it is always best to update your clients on the regular. This will increase tremendously your client's overall satisfaction and also help you stay organized.

im 29

Reselling Services

im 30

Another great way to launch your freelancing career is to resell services from other providers.

You will have to focus entirely on obtaining potential leads and managing the orders in a manner that will seem as if it were your very own service.

Let’s take for example Local SEO Services:

  1. Find a reliable and high-quality SEO provider (order and use the service yourself).

2.  After you have proven the quality of the service, it is time to create your “own package”.

im 34

3. Now it is time to create your website. I would also create a Linkedin profile and an Instagram page to get things started.


4. Create content for your pages and don’t be afraid to “fake it till you make it” , what I mean by this is to buy followers/likes giving you that extra boost needed to get things going.


5. Once you have all that set up correctly, you can start messaging people through Instagram and Linkedin.

To have the best results when reselling services, it is best to make your own brand and communicate with the original service provider to see if they can give you a special discount.

im 37
im 32

Now that you have gone through the Blog post you should have a good idea on how to start your own freelancing career and make that $$$.

Here are 2 examples of Accounts I have created and built using these exact methods

im 33

Freelancer Resources

Access our IMFORFREE ToolVault below

tool vault

Inside there are loads of free graphics, plugins, WordPress themes software and training to kick start your Freelance business.

For example, there are Infographic packs you could resell


WordPress plugins to send push notifications you could offer as a service to Shopify store owners.

fire push

WordPress GDRP plugins to sell services making websites GDRP complaint


Instagram growth & analytics software inside you could offer as a service

instagram analytics PHP

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head


There are hundreds of resources inside the ToolVault to help you make $$$$

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